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LUMA Design Workshop is a design/build furniture company based in Seattle, founded in 2013 by husband-and-wife custom fabrication duo, Nicholas and Jessica Mayer, and the Lucas interior design firm, also family owned and operated. LUMA represents a modern and simply sophisticated collection of furniture. These subtle statement pieces are bold yet modest to complement and enhance a wide range of environments.
The LUMA collection embodies an open and ongoing dialogue between modern design, traditional craftsmanship, refined materials, and artistic finishes. Every piece LUMA creates stands on its own as a declaration to the LUMA philosophy: simplicity is sophistication.

LUMA believes furniture design does not need to be complicated, it just needs to be done well.

Design perfection at its core

Expertly and thoughtfully designed, every LUMA piece is meticulously finished, with no detail left unturned. The collections are handmade by Seattle craftspeople using locally sourced materials, wood, metal, glass, stone. LUMA offers a wealth of earthly materials born from a lifetime of experience and exploration in the custom design trades.

Jessica Mayer is known in the custom fabrication community for her unique, luxury metal patina finishes which are an unmatched art in and of themselves. 

LUMA offers a large palette of finishes and materials which accentuate their designs. From hand applied metal patinas to custom formulated wood stains, hand-made cast glass, and carefully selected stone; LUMA’s thoughtful designs incorporate materials seamlessly and effortlessly. This is the signature of the brand, its’ timeless and seamless materials.

reflecting simplicity at its best

The collections, including Strap, the original that started it all, followed by Silo, Float, Block, Flip, Bend, and Geo. Each are named after the dictionary definitions of their main design element, reflecting the brand’s core element of simplicity.

In the Strap collection, a strap literally runs through the clean, modern pieces. In the Flip collection, fabricated L-shapes flip in new directions creating new ways to interpret shapes.

Every detail matters and the details are subtle yet sophisticated.  

Silo Collection: Arm Chair
Silo Collection: Round Dining Table

evolution of the brand

LUMA’s line of high-quality furniture evolved out of the close artistic collaboration between Jessica and Nicholas Mayer of Mayer Designs Inc. and interior design firm Lucas, Inc., led by David and Suzie Lucas. Based on their collective passion for creating custom furniture, and the perfect blend of talent and creativity, LUMA was founded.

The name LUMA combines the letters of the founders last names Lucas, Inc. and Mayer Designs, Inc. LUMA represents the consequential connection between thoughtful, modern design and accomplished craftsmanship.


The weight and the scale of the pieces project the value found in the quality of the materials, finishing, and craftwork. Modern in feel, organic in design, a LUMA piece elevates any space for living, dining and entertaining. 

From the thoughtful selection and judicious combination of materials and finishes, the goal is to arrive at a precise moment of simple elegance, showcasing a careful balance of function and form down to the very last detail.

Luma Design Workshop


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