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Meet Tapis Decor

As we continue our effort in showcasing our showroom partners, we are so happy to share a bit about the incredible folks at Tapis Decor in Minneapolis. We had to pleasure of interviewing Jackie Cox to learn more about the showroom. The Tapis showroom began as a rug and flooring showroom in 2008. Since 2012, […]

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An inside look at Trammell-Gagné

We wanted to showcase the incredible showrooms that feature our furniture line. We thought we’d kick off this series by interviewing Tom Hunter at Trammell-Gagné. Trammell-Gagné was our first showroom partner after LUMA Design Workshop launched our first line. Located in Suite 105 at the Seattle Design Center, Tom’s sophisticated style and dedicated staff put […]

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A change of pace.

Since 2014, our team at LUMA Design Workshop has worked towards making the most refined and highest quality customizable furniture line. With years of experience building custom metal projects and the expansion of our existing furniture line under our belt, it was time to try something new. Our team is thrilled by every aspect of […]

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Meet the newest members of our custom furniture line.

We’ve spent the past few months expanding our line of furniture and we’re very excited to introduce our newest pieces. The Strap Dining Table with Cast Glass, the Geo Collection, and the new Strap Desi Coffee Table are just a few of the new pieces that have recently been added to our collection. Strap Dining Table […]

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