LUMA Design Workshop

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A change of pace.

Since 2014, our team at LUMA Design Workshop has worked towards making the most refined and highest quality customizable furniture line. With years of experience building custom metal projects and the expansion of our existing furniture line under our belt, it was time to try something new. Our team is thrilled by every aspect of the design and build process and we were looking forward to put that energy towards an entirely new line of products.

Throughout our entire LUMA line you will find inspiration from natural forms and organic textures. Our goal was to carry on this inspiration to whatever new product we came up with. Pulling inspiration from classic LUMA forms and our tried and true materials, the Vessel collection was born.

These elegant home accessories add a unique sculptural statement to their surrounding environment.

At LUMA Design Workshop, we are continuously trying to think outside the box. How can we reimagine this piece of furniture? How can we use our design and build expertise to create something unlike anything we’ve done before? How can we push our boundaries?

With tons more ideas on our minds, we are excited to continue coming out with new products that provide our modern aesthetic and traditional craftsmanship to different areas of people’s lives.