luma’s mission

At LUMA Design Workshop, our mission is to define American craftsmanship by designing and building custom, made-to-order, artisanal furniture and architectural features with intention and integrity. We are committed to utilizing locally sourced and sustainable materials and building custom products to last generations. We are committed to supporting our staff and community, and most of all, committed to our clients and their vision.

We stand at the intersection of tradition and innovation, rooted by the timeless artistry of our family trade and the inspiring PNW building community. We have a profound belief in the mastery that comes with years of dedication. We cultivate an environment that honors the talents and skills of our team. We recognize that true excellence deserves recognition, and we reciprocate by providing living wages and benefits to support our dedicated staff.

Dining room table and chairs

Our dedication extends beyond our workshop. As we believe in the importance of relationships; with our vendors, partnering craftspeople and, most importantly, our valued clients. Upholding traditional customer service values, we understand that our clients are the heartbeat of our business. We strive to exceed their expectations, ensure their satisfaction and forge connections that transcend transactions.

Every furniture or architectural project created from our workshop is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Every project is made-to-order, built by hand with care and attention to detail. We recognize the unique significance of each project and its value to all involved.

We are devoted to the artistry of our trade and our partnerships with our team and our clients. It is with much gratitude and appreciation when we say, “thank you”, for your continued support. We are honored and grateful to be able to do our craft.

-Nicholas & Jessica Mayer


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